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Beautifully done! Ostsee Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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Every medical treatment is based on trust. Trust arises through information. Especially when it comes to your appearance, you want to make sure that you are in good hands.

Here you can get to know us and our philosophy. We invite you to inform yourself virtually and extensively about our offers of aesthetic plastic surgery, tooth implantology and medical cosmetics.

The expertise of the Ostsee Institute lies in the legitimate combination of cosmetics and aesthetic surgery methods for the wellbeing of our patients. We continue to improve our knowledge and skills and pay close attention to your wishes. For us, less is more. Experience our treatments in a relaxed atmosphere with a panoramic view of the Flensburg Fjord.

Have we aroused your interest? Then we wish you much fun surfing!

Dr. Martin Sprengel, Dr. Hans-Werner Klebe, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Retzke, Prof. Dr. Dr. Patrick H. Warnke, Cosmetics Ulrike Jensen and the Team at the Ostsee Institute




This is what we can do for you

Our medical specialists Dr. Martin Sprengel, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Retzke, Prof. Dr. Dr. Patrick H. Warnke and Dr. Hans-Werner Klebe as well as our specialist in medical cosmetics Ulrike Jensen would be glad to advice you.

Botox evenings among friends

Have you already heard much about how Botox can remove wrinkles, but don't quite dare to get a treatment? Then how about a Botox evening?  Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterAktuelles

You can get current information and fixed dates by calling our receptionist Sabine Paulien at 0461 / 14167-0.

Anti-Aging: New hyaluronic acid is effective for up to 12 months

Good news for all fans of wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid: there is a new active substance! Juvéderm from the Allergan Company offers decisive advantages. "The injections are less painfull. The compound is effective for up to twelve months", explans Dr. Martin Sprengel, specialist for wrinkle treatments at the Ostsee Institute. Juvéderm is available in three modes of application: Ultra 2 for moderate wrinkles and lip contours, Ultra 3 for deeper wrinkles, lip contours and volume, as well as Ultra 4 for pronounced wrinkles and volume increase. "Our patients clearly feel the difference from traditional hyaluronic products", says a pleased Ulrike Jensen, who has specialized in medical cosmetics and supports Dr. Sprengel during conservative anti-aging treatments.

What Do You Say: Fat – Fatter – Liposuction?

Fat, fatter, German – we have all noticed it: three quarters of all men and more than half of all women in Germany weigh too much. In spite of all diets, pills and fitness, many people have a hard time getting their body weight under control. Is liposuction the intervention of choice? Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster[weiter]


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Novel Procedure for Implants

Now possible through the BMAC method. Stem cells for the jawbone through puncturing instead of an operation.
You will find further information Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einhere.

10 % discount from our 4-star partner. Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterNews

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