Ostsee Institut für ästhetisch-plastische Chirurgie und medizinische Kosmetik Flensburg: Gesicht, Brust, Körper, Arme, Beine

Body, Arms + Legs: A Beautiful Body

People are dissatisfied with their bodies for different reasons. Some suffer under the loss of their body contour: the connective tissue loses its elasticity, the skin becomes thinner and, due to an increase in weight, pads of fat appear on the tummy, hips, buttocks, thighs and upper arms. Others suffer from their body hair that they would like to have permanently removed.

Treatment of body, arms and legs at the Ostsee Institute in Flensburg, body contour correction, liposuction of the belly, hips, backside, thighs, permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, body shape improvement

We have treatment procedures at your disposal for body characteristics that you experience as defects and they will substantially improve your self-perception.


Ostsee Institute
Ballastkai 5
24937 Flensburg

Please call us at:
+49 461 / 14167- 0


Here you will find general information and information regarding which treatment procedures are suitable for specific problems. It cannot, however, replace an individual consultation with a treatment provider who is experienced in surgery.

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