Ostsee Institut für ästhetisch-plastische Chirurgie und medizinische Kosmetik Flensburg: Gesicht, Brust, Körper, Arme, Beine

Firming: Skin tightening and strengthening of connective tissue

Empty, sagging skin wrinkles may appear after a considerable weight reduction. If these are too large for them to regress spontaneously, or if the tissue sags down unattractively due to a general weakness of the connective tissue, then an improvement of the body contour can only be achieved through a corresponding firming operation. Excess tissue is thereby removed in a targeted way. We thereby place the suture at a place that is as invisible as possible.

This operation is most frequently performed on abdominal skin, the inside of the thigh and the upper arms.

Skin tightening + strengthening of connective tissue at the Ostsee Institute, firming of body tissue, after heavy loss of weight, treatment of weak connective tissue, lift operations, surgery of abdominal skin, tummy tucks, upper thighs + arms, body shape

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