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Permanent Hair Removal for Ladies and Gentlemen

Get rid of undesirable hair - forever. Forget about all the hair reduction products, washing lotions and shavers and remove your undesirable hair, wherever it is on your body, with Epilux.

What is an Epilux treatment?

This hair removal method is gentle and almost painless. The treatment consists of using light that is absorbed by each individual hair. The pigment in the hair transforms the light into heat. This process destroys the ability of the root of the hair to produce new hair. Light hair requires a special treatment.

During the treatment, a slight tingling sensation can be felt on the skin. But this is nothing compared to the good feelings that you get by removing annoying hair in your face, on your back, under the arms, on the legs or on the bikini line.

How long does permanent hair removel take?

In most cases, a treatment is concluded within half an hour. Treatment of the legs may take one to two hours. 

The number of sessions that are necessary depends entirely on where and how much hair is to be removed. Normally, six to eight treatments suffice to reach a very fulfilling result.

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Tips for removing pale and soft hair

Light treatments produce optimal results for hair of a certain minimum thickness and pigmentation. Since light-colored and thin, fluffy hair does not transform enough light energy to heat to kill the hair follicles, they can only be removed with difficulty and not permanently. In order to improve the effect, we recommend that a wax epilation be performed. This hardly hurts at all, since most hair no longer has any intact hair follicles after the ILP 2 therapy and it can therefore be removed fairly painless.

For these issues you will be taken care of by Tina Stawicki, a specialist for skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal.


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Hair Removal

Duration of treatment:
Approximately  4-8 sessions, 10-60 minutes per treatment

not necessary

Possible side effects:
temporary reddened skin

Avoid sun radiation and solarium during the first weeks after treatment

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