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Liposuction - or body contouring - is one of the main areas of activity at the Ostsee Institute. In the past, due to badly trained surgeons and undifferentiated reporting in the media, the general public has considered this procedure to be crude or "gross". Nothing of the sort is true!
The greatest misunderstanding consists of the assumption that one could make a "fat" person "thin" with liposuction. That is not the case. Instead, the main role of liposuction is to permanently remove fat pads that run in the family or are hormonally caused and that stubbornly resist all efforts to remove them permanently through sports and diets. One could say that liposuction gives the figure a final touch. The effect lasts for a lifetime. Gaining or losing weight later does not change the new proportions.

How is liposuction performed?

First there is a consultation. Our medical specialists discuss with you what can be done that would harmonize with your appearance. During the day of the procedure our team fits you with your compression corset. The surgeon then again discusses your individual issues with you in detail and makes photos of the initial findings. With the patient standing up, he then marks the zones where the objectionable fat pads are located, photographs them and administers a small injection of thrombosis prophylaxis for your safety.

In our operation room, the so-called tumescent solution is infused into the underlying fat tissue, corresponding to the skin markings. The solution consists mainly of a salt solution, local anesthesia and a substance that constricts the blood vessels. Due to the fast numbing of the skin, you only notice the first couple of pricks, the rest of the procedure is painless. You then have a break of 45 to 60 minutes, during which you can relax. We are pleased to serve you drinks or a small snack. Before the treatment itself begins, you should visit the toilet in your dressing room in order to "discharge" a part of the tumescent solution. In the meantime, an important process has occurred in the tissue: the fat cells are now saturated with the solution that was introduced and are taut and bulging, so that they can be siphoned off easily.

The liposuction begins by the surgeon again introducing a small amount of tumescent solution into the areas that are to be suctioned off. This raises the tissue tension again, so that the suction cannula later can slide through the fat tissue gently and precisely. Subsequently, incisions of less than 5 mm are made in the skin in the border zones of the marked area, which you of course will not feel. The cannula is now driven through the tissue with a vibration device that moves the cannula back and forth several times per second. As a rule, the openings in the cannula, through which the partially liquid fat tissue is suctioned off, only face downward, so as not to get too close to the skin surface. Toward the end of the suction procedure, the cannula is exchanged for a somewhat finer one, with which the surgeon can smoothen superficial bumps.

After the liposuction, with the patient standing up, the surgeon ensures that the desired result has been achieved. In exceptional cases individual areas require renewed suction, especially in order to make the transition zones to the unaffected tissue more harmonious. Subsequently, all openings for the suction cannula are closed with fine sutures, on the one hand so that healing may occur undisturbed, and on the other hand so that excess fluid can drain off freely over night. Once the procedure is concluded, our team will put on the compression corset that has been previously fitted. Absorbent and insulating dressings will be applied under the corset as protection against the tumescent solution that is still constantly being discharged. Then you can make your way home or to your hotel without any problems.

It is advisable to arrange your bed so that the tumescent solution, which contains traces of blood, can be absorbed. In almost all cases, this process ends within eight hours. The next day, if needed, we exchange your corset and take post-operative photos. The sutures are removed on the seventh day after the operation. Since the skin needs a longer period of time to attach to the new sublayer, it is recommended that you wear the corset for a period of about four to eight weeks. From the seventh day on, you can take off the corset for an hour at a time.

You can normally continue your regular professional life from the third day after the operation. The result of the treatment can be definitively evaluated at the earliest eight weeks after the operation. In rare cases, depending on the initial findings, it may be necessary to conduct a fine correction, which then of course will be performed at cost price.


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Duration of treatment:
Approximately 4 hours

Possible side effects:
Tachycardia, dizziness, inflammation


Local anaesthesia


2-3 days rest, corsage up to 4 weeks

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