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Skin Rejuvenation

Most people want to retain a young and fresh appearance for their entire life. But this is not so easy, for skin changes with age. If the skin has been excessively exposed to sunshine and other influences (heat, cold, drugs), then signs of ageing appear due to changes in pigment, wrinkles, inelastic skin, and enlarged pores and blood vessels.
One cannot stop the skin's natural ageing process. But the structure and the appearance of the skin can be markedly improved using the Epilux method, with which we, the Möhring Epilux GmbH Company, have made years of experience. The result is that you feel considerably better about yourself.


The IPL2 treatment with Epilux is based on intense light pulses. This modern technology makes it possible to treat all layers of the skin, both those at the surface and those located deeper. Thanks to special filters, the surface of the skin is not damaged.
The intensely pulsed light is guided through the epidermis and the energy of the light is concentrated on the deeper layers of the skin. This gives rise to a process of heat conversion and deep stimulation.
Due to the temperature that is generated, the connective tissue cells are stimulated to produce more new collagen and elastin.
When treating pigment spots, the light is absorbed by the melanin. The heat that is created then destroys the pigment cells.
To shrink the finest blood vessels, the light interacts with hemoglobin, the blood's pigment.

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Before treatment, an intensive counseling interview is held, which is free of charge. During this consultation, your expectations and our possibilities to improve the appearance of your skin are discussed.
We wish to point out that you must refrain from direct sun radiation without proper protection for 4 weeks before and after an SR treatment, in order to get the best results without side effects.
It is also necessary that you inform us of any drugs that you are taking that cause a sensitivity to light (for example antibiotics).


A gel is applied to the skin, which has been thoroughly cleaned, so that the light is guided into the skin and is not reflected back out.
During each light impulse you will feel a brief tingling sensation and the heat on your skin. The treatment in the face takes a maximum of half an hour.
The skin is usually reddened and possibly slightly swollen during the first few hours ather the treatment. This appearance can be compared to a light sunburn and does not require any special subsequent treatment.
The treatment of pigment spots leads to so-called photo-oxidation on the skin. This process results in a darkening of the pigments and slight scabbing, followed by the rejection of the pigment spots. In the course of approx. 3-4 weeks, there is a gradual improvement of the appearance of the skin. Subsequent treatments are carried out at intervals of 4-6 weeks.

For these issues you will be taken care of by Tina Stawicki, a specialist for skin rejuvenation and permanent hair removal.


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