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The Breast - How Will It Look Good?

The form, consistency and size of a female breast is subject to almost endless variations. Almost every woman wishes to have a beautiful, youthful bosom, and fashion, dress style and body posture regularly emphasize this, the most obvious difference between the female and male anatomies. No wonder that women, who experience their breasts as being too small, too large or too flabby, have a distinctly lower degree of self-confidence. They often think about having an operation for years.

Breast surgery

Breast surgery is a part of aesthetic plastic surgery that requires empathy with the wishes of the patient, a good aesthetic feeling and much operative experience. The most important questions, which can only be answered in a personal counseling interview, are: Can the patient's ideas be achieved through an operation? Will the result look good? Which operative procedure with which risks and side effects is most suitable?

Although the ability to breastfeed is retained in almost all cases, the right timing for an operation must be considered carefully. We would be pleased to advice you.

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Here you will find general information and information regarding which treatment procedures are suitable for specific problems. It cannot, however, replace an individual consultation with a treatment provider who is experienced in breast surgery.

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