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Breast Enlargement / Breast Augmentation

The opinions about how large a breast should be vary greatly. Ultimately, the question of "how much" must be determined jointly in a detailed consultation about breast augmentation, that we offer to you before the surgical intervention. Here, the saying "Less is more" applies! The reconstructed breast must absolutely match the patient's body type. If only a certain target size is pursued („I want a C cup!“), the result is inevitably unfortunate bust sizes that can be recognized as having been operated and that appear little naturally. Instead, get professional doctor's advice about breast enlargement when determining what implant size, form and positioning is most suitable for you.

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Breast augmentation with high-quality breast implants

A few words regarding breast implants: When carrying out breast augmentation, we exclusively use products by the Allergan Inamed Company, formerly McGhan, which is the international market leader and has many years of extensive experience in developing silicone implants. Our customers receive a lifelong guarantee for these breast implants. If such an implant should break, for example due to a traffic accident, silicone cannot flow into the surrounding tissue. The filling consists of a highly cross-linked gel, which, if worst comes to worst, can be removed from the body without any residues. The great number of implant forms ensures that there is an optimal implant for every breast. In contrast to older implant models, today the surface is roughened, thus preventing even minimal movements and friction against the tissue. This friction stimulates the body to thicken the connective tissue around the implant. Today, these capsules that are formed around the implant are significantly softer than in the past. In the best case, a high quality breast implant can remain in the body for life.

Doctor's consultation and medical advice prior to breast enlargement

All changes which come with a breast enlargement surgery and a larger chest should be carefully reconsidered and prepared before. The medical specialists for aesthetic plastic surgery at the Ostsee Institute in Flensburg will inform you and explain the medical aspects about the breast surgery and the procedure of the surgical intervention. They will answer your questions in detail, such as:

  • which bra size you will wear after breast augmentation surgery,
  • whether you will be able to do your sport exercises and activities with a larger breast in the same way as you did before,
  • how the nipples will look like with enlarged breasts,
  • whether there will be scars and whether these will be visible,
  • how much a breast enlargement will cost and whether an assumption of costs is possible.

And of course we will like to advise you in advance about the clinic, the Malteser St. Franziskus-Hospital in Flensburg, in which we have reserved beds and where we will carry out the breast augmentation.

We also have at hand for you: recommendations about hotels and accommodation facilities, restaurants and interesting sights in the beautiful Flensburg and environment, so that you, and perhaps your company, can enjoy free days nicely.

Make an appointment for your first medical consultation at +49 461 14167-0 or write us an e-mail using the Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenstercontact form.


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Breast Enlargement

Duration of treatment:
Approximately 2 hours

Possible side effects:
Swelling, bleeding, inflammation

General anaesthetics

Inpatient stay:
1-3 nights

1 week vacation

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