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Breast Reduction

Although breast surgery is commonly almost always associated with breast enlargement, the reduction of the size of breasts that are too large (breast reduction, mamma reduction) constitute approximately half of all breast surgery operations.

Aesthetic plastic surgery and treatment of medical problems due to large breasts

In addition to the difficulty of hiding large breasts through fashion, almost all women with too large breasts suffer not only from discomfort but often from orthopedic problems. Back problems due to constant overload and incorrect posture are daily occurrences. Patients with too large breasts regularly suffer considerably more than those who feel that their breasts are too small. Here the health impairment is usually not purely of orthopedic or medical nature. A sense of shame may arise and the patients have concerns to present themselves naturally.

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Changes of the breast / Enlargement of the breast when the body is changing

Too large breasts can be congenital, but they can also occur in the course of a woman's life when the body is changing, as after childbirth or during the menopause. There are unexpected problems that make a breast reduction surgery necessary. Insofar a breast reduction is in many cases no mere a cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery, but it saves the women of some serious medical disorders and gives them a better life with more freedom, a modern lifestyle, more confidence and a complete new awareness of life.

Breast augmentation surgery

In terms of operational technique, there are several options when it comes to breast reductions. A principle that they all have in common is to protect the blood supply to the nipple and the areola and to remove a certain amount of skin, fat and glandular tissue that has been determined in advance. During this operation, the nipple is usually moved a little upward, so that the breast is not only reduced in size, but also "raised up".

Procedure of the operation for reducing the breast

There are people who do not want to know exactly what is being done while they are under general anesthesia during a pending operation. On the other hand others feel more secure when the doctor explains them in detail every single step of the operation in advance.

We adapt to your needs and explain to you on request the course of the breast surgery. We also discuss in a previous consultation with you all your other questions such as:

  • Am I going to have visible scars after reducing the size and weight of my breast?
  • Can I do the breastfeeding of my babies without problems in the future?
  • My daughter is suffering terribly from her big bust. At what age is it possible to carry out a breast reduction?
  • Will my breast look nice lifted after being reduced?
  • Which shape and size will my breast have after the breast reduction intervention?

Do not be afraid to put in conversation with our specialist any questions that you that you would like to have answered. We are always there for you!

Private beds in a nearby hospital

Although the actual surgical procedure, which is performed by a doctor specialized in breast surgery, takes only 3-4 hours in general, you should stay 3 days after the intervention in the St.Franziskus Hospital in Flensburg to do the follow-up examination and the doctor's visits and to do the final consultation with the medical specialist. Located in the beautiful town Flensburg, the specialists for breast surgery have private beds in the Malteser St. Franziskus Hospital, a very modern, professional and well-known clinic. A friendly and kind team ensures that you have a best possible, comfortable and pleasant stay.

Spend a nice time in Flensburg with special insider tips and personal recommendations

Of course you want to discover the lovely Flensburg with its picturesque downtown, wonderful restaurants in the old town and at the waterfront, with its interesting sights and attractions during your stay. Especially in summer wonderful beaches and costal villages in the surroundings invite you to do a day trip, enjoy and relax.

We are happy to provide you with recommendations and insider tips so you can enjoy your free time in Flensburg and bring especially beautiful impressions back home.

What does a breast reduction cost?

The question regarding the cost of a breast reduction surgery can not be answered in general. First, it must be clarified whether the intervention is medically necessary, or whether it is purely cosmetic surgery. Further questions regarding the treatment and care, accommodation requests and other points need to be sorted out. In this context, we clarify with you a possible cost coverage of the breast surgery by the health insurance.

About all the costs you have to be expected for the reduction of the breast, we advise you in a personal consultation.

Arrange your initial consultation with the doctor by phone or by email

Everything starts with the first step. Call us and arrange your initial consultation about breast reduction surgery in the Ostsee Institute Flensburg under the telephone number 0461 / 14167-0.

Or send us a message via the contact form. Click here for Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenstersending us an email.


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Breast Reduction

Duration of treatment:
3-4 hours

Possible side effects:
Swelling, bleeding, inflammation

General anaesthetics

Inpatient stay:
1-3 nights

1 week vacation

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