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Ears: Corrective Plastic Surgery of the Auricle

Protruding ears are often a reason for teasing in childhood years. Adults, too, suffer from "bat ears", especially if they are fairly large. Protruding ears are a deformation of the auricle that occurs fairly often. It is rather rare for there to be changes in the skin or cartilage. 

Have your protruding ears / sticky-out ears flattened

Today, corrective plastic surgery of the auricle is usually carried out in childhood, before schooling. The procedure can, however, be undertaken at any age.

At the Ostsee Institute we ususally operate on children with general anesthesia and on adults also with local anesthesia. The surgeon places an incision on the back side of the auricle and then removes parts of the cartilage.
Subsequently, a head dressing is applied, which should be checked after 24 hours. We remove the sutures after about 8 days. A solid tennis headband should be worn during the following 3 to 6 weeks, so that the auricle can heal in a harmonious and protected way.

Unfortunately, the costs for corrective plastic surgery of the auricle are not covered by the statutory medical insurance.


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Ear Correction

Duration of treatment:
1-2 hours

Possible side effects:
Swelling, bleeding, inflammation, Hematoma

General anaesthetics (for children), local anaesthesia

4 weeks headband (Compression)

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For children, some health insurance companies cover the costs

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