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Forehead Lift

A forehead lift results not only in a smoothing of the forehead lines but also in an eyebrow lift. The result is a more awake, younger look and a reduction of the drooping eyelids. This treatment is often wrongly regarded as being "unnecessary" and is worthy of special attention in terms of Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen FensterEyelid surgery.

In the course of life, everybody's eyebrows sag considerably. This gives the face a tired, drawn appearance. In addition, the sagging eyebrows push the skin of the upper eyelids in front of them, which promotes the development of so-called drooping eyelids. This effect should absolutely be taken into account when discussing drooping eyelids and eyelid plastic surgery. If upper eyelid surgery is performed on a person with greatly sagging eyebrows without taking this connection into account, the result may be a look that is still tired but now with smooth upper eyelids. This condition can hardly be repaired, since an eyebrow lift with the help of a forehead lift can make it impossible to close the eyelids, resulting in the corneas drying out.

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In recent years the forehead lift has also undergone innovations. Of late, we use a technique whereby we anchor small biodegradable hooks into the bone under the skin before suturing, in such a way that the degree of tension can be determined more precisely, so that there is practically no tension on the sutures. This improves the wound healing and prevents the formation of a scar in the scalp that at worst can be wide and hairless. The scar regains its old rigidity already four weeks after the operation. The body degrades the small hooks fully within about two years.

The type of incision that is normally used for forehead lifts should rather not be used on men, since they expose more and more scalp for hormonal reasons in the course of their lives. Here, we usually reduce the forehead skin directly above the eyebrows along a small wrinkle.


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Forehead Lift

Duration of treatment:
1-2 hours

Possible side effects:
Hematoma, redness, slight swelling

General anaesthetics

Inpatient stay: 
1-3 nights

Approximately 10 days vacation for the healing process

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