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Fruit Acid and Trichloroacetic Acid Peeling

Peeling is an external treatment of the skin with various chemical and natural substances. We can substantially improve the appearance of the skin with a peeling treatment. We succeed in improving wrinkles, skin changes due to the sun, pigmentary abnormalities, acne scars and couperose and even in part to remove them entirely, using acids that we apply to the face.
Old skin layers are loosened and removed, and deeper skin layers can regenerate through this treatment. The skin appears firmer due to the increase in collagen fibers.

Our beauticians apply the peeling procedures used at the Ostsee Institute under medical supervision. After a detailed examination and consultation, we offer you different substances:

Fruit Acid Peeling

In this gentle type of treatment, fruit acids in increasing concentration are applied to the face at intervals of a few weeks. The concentration (from 10% to 70%) and the length of the application time results in the improvement of the appearance of the skin after a treatment cycle. During the treatment itself, there is a slight burning sensation and a reddening of the skin, which can last from a few hours to two days.

Trichloroacetic Acid or TCA Peeling:

This treatment method is often used after the fruit acid peeling. It takes about an hour and has substantially more side effects during the subsequent days. Within the first week a sloughing and a distinct reddening may occur, as from intense sunburn, and during this time you may not be socially "presentable". It may be wise to repeat the treatment after 2-4 months.

A peeling treatment always includes a pretreatment and an after-treatment.


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Facial Scrub

Duration of treatment:
30 minutes

Possible side effects:
Redness, swelling, itching


14 days no solar radiation, no solarium, no makeup

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