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Nose Corrections

In the true sense of the word, the nose is the most protruding characteristic in the face of every person. It gives rise to complaints from many people, in terms both of function and aesthetics. Eliminating the various disorders of the inner nose that may include, for example, difficulties in breathing, constitute a part of the statutory health insurance provisions, both by oral and maxillofacial surgeons and ear, nose and throat specialists.

Because the nose is a very sensitive organ, plastic aesthetic procedures on the nose are almost exclusively done under general anesthesia:

  • The so-called hooked nose usually gives rise to a too flat angle of the upper, bony nasal skeleton. This leads to a visible hump at the transition from the bony to the cartilaginous, flexible part of the nose.
  • A hump that is only slightly developed can be removed with a procedure from within. If the hump is more pronounced, the nose bone must be loosened from its anchoring and be repositioned. In this case the new form of the nose is stabilized from within with tamponades and from outside with a special nose cast for ten to twelve days.
  • Procedures involving the cartilaginous, flexible part of the nose are usually undertaken because the tip of the nose is too plump, too forwarding-jutting ("ski jump nose") or strongly bent. In this case, as a rule, a so-called "open-access" procedure is required, during which fine incisions are made in both nostrils which meet on the nose bridge between the nostrils. A single visible scar is created at this point, but it can be kept very inconspicuous or even entirely invisible. Corresponding to the desired form that we have created through careful modeling, the skin is resewn, to a large extent invisibly, within the nostrils. A supporting adhesive bandage is usually applied for ten days to support the healing process. Only in exceptional cases must tamponades be inserted, which are removed after two to three days.

Depending on the scope of the procedure, you can count on being able to pursue your normal activities after two weeks at the latest.

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Nose Correction

Duration of treatment:
1-3 hours

Possible side effects:
Hematoma, redness, slight swelling

General anaesthetics

Approximately 10 days for the healing process

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