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Teeth + Jaw: Healthy and Secure a Whole Life Long

Healthy teeth and a harmonious balance between the upper and the lower jaw represent a quality of life.

Dental implantology makes permanent dental prostheses possible, even in the case of extensive tooth loss and insufficient jaw bone mass. For implants are nothing else than artificial tooth roots, with which individual teeth can be anchored or entire tooth gaps can be closed. Implants also prevent continued deterioration of a toothless jaw bone. They transmit the chewing motions to the bone that can thus be preserved and reconstructed.

At the Ostsee Institute, we have specialized in all issues around oral and jaw surgery. You have come to the right place when it comes to tooth implants, jaw reconstruction or the reconstruction of oral bone parts. Together with your orthodontist and your dentist, we will develop precise computer-assisted, tailor-made treatment concepts for you.

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Here you will find general information and information regarding which treatment procedures are suitable for specific problems. It cannot, however, replace an individual consultation with a treatment provider who is experienced in facial surgery.

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