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Dental Implants and Bone Grafting

Healthy teeth are an aspect of our quality of life. Today, medical dental implantology almost always makes it possible to implant a permanent dental prosthesis. A dental implant replaces the roots of the missing tooth. Here are the various advantages at a glance:

Implants are anchored firmly in the jaw.

Advantages of dental implants as fixed dental prosthesis

  • Nobody sees that you are wearing implants.
  • You do not feel your implants and you can eat anything with them.
  • Implants are fixed and secure. When you speak or laugh there is nothing that can shift out of place or fall out any more.
  • Implants prevent advancing bone deterioration in toothless jaw areas. For chewing promotes the buildup and preservation of the jaw bone.
  • Implants spare the neighboring teeth and can be inserted even if the tooth spaces have existed for years. Thanks to the artificial roots, not only can individual teeth be replaced, but larger tooth spaces can also be closed. 
  • Implants are especially suitable for attaching dental prostheses permanently. 
  • Even totally toothless upper and lower jaws can be equipped with teeth using implants.
  • Dental implants are suitable for all people who are fully grown and healthy. There is no upper age limit.
Implants hold the rows of teeth also without dental bridges.

A well established team with over 20 years of experience in the area of implants and the various systems for bone grafting awaits you at the Ostsee Institute. Our treatment begins with an evaluation of all recorded images, which are presented in 3D animation. We can plan the reconstruction in detail at the computer. First we check to see if you tolerate the implant material well; then we perform the operation in the modern operating rooms in our adjacent practice.

It goes without saying that we only use accepted implant systems that have been tested and improved for many years, and whose safety and durability have been proven in long-term studies. Implants made of the highly biocompatible metal titanium are recommended. They are helical or cylindrical and withstand the highest stress. Their specially treated surface promotes wound healing. They fuse with the surrounding bone tissue and are permanently anchored in the jaw after two to six months. Now they can withstand full pressure.

The longterm success of an implant depends especially on the jawbone that is to accommodate the artificial root of the tooth. If the loss of a tooth occurred a long time ago, the jaw and the gum have already regenerated. In order for a new strong bone to be able to form, we extract a graft from the patient's own body through a minimally invasive ambulant procedure. The bone can then be regenerated with the so-called "sinus lift" procedure.

Ultimately, the lifetime of your dental implants, as well as that of your own teeth, depends on good oral hygiene and regular checkups. If you continue to let our experienced implantologists look after your implants, you will be in good hands.


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Dental Implants + Bone Grafting

Duration of treatment:
Approximately 30 minutes per implant, 1 hour with bone grafting

Possible side effects:
Swelling, bleeding, inflammation, Hematoma

Local anaesthesia, general anaesthetics

2-4 days vacation for the healing process

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