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Jaw reconstruction

The harmonic balance between the upper and lower jaws is an important prerequisite for a face to look well-proportioned. If the lower jaw is proportionally too large or protrudes too much, this disturbes the harmony of the entire facial expression. This is also true for too large or protruding upper jaw teeth or different sizes of the upper and lower jaws. The first impression is often negatively influenced by such defective tooth and jaw positions. In addation to the suboptimal appearance, functional disorders affect one's general sense of well-being when speaking or chewing.

At the Ostsee Institute, we are able to diagnose and threat this mostly congenital malformation. Together with an orthodontist and a dentist, we develop a tailor-made treatment concept, after carrying out a detailed analysis with the help of jaw imprints and digital x-ray photographs.

Possible treatments range from the simple removal of teeth and exposing teeth to relocating the upper and lower jaw. If such a surgical procedure is planned, we perform it in our ward in the Maltese hospital St. Franziskus-Hospital in Flensburg. Such operations are carried ot weekly in this modern clinic, and they constitute a part of our routine program. Should nevertheless complications arise, we can bring them under control there quickly and safely.

In most cases, the costs for these procedures are covered by the private and statutory health insurances.


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Jaw reconstruction

Duration of treatment:
3-5 hours

Possible side effects:
Swelling, bleeding, inflammation, Hematoma

General anaesthetics

Inpatient stay: 
4-7 days 

3 weeks vacation, or medically certified work disability

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