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From the age of 30, the skin no longer recuperates from the stresses of everyday life. The natural resources of the epidermis are on the decline. Its complexion loses its radiance and freshness. In addition, many people live in a world that is in conflict with the skin's natural rhythm. It is thereby overtaxed. The outer shell has a vital need to find its balance, in order to successfully counteract the aging factors.

There are many cosmetic treatment methods that make it possible for you to retain the beauty of your skin longer, to relieve it after a surgical procedure or to improve your body contours optically.

Medical Cosmetics

One focus of the treatment by Ulrike Jensen are the pretreatment and aftertreatment of aesthetic surgical procedures such as eyelid corrections, liposuction and subcutaneous wrinkle injections. Facial rejuvenation is possible also without surgical procedures, thanks to the most modern pharmaceutical effects of cosmetics. Central problems such as acne, couperose and blisters (efflorescences) can be treated with dermocosmetics from Eva Garden and Valmont.

Regenerative Cosmetics

Modern cosmetic research has developed a series of professional concepts regarding skin aging for individual skin needs. The focus hereby lies on those active ingredients that exhibit a synergy between bio-technological insights and the natural characteristics of substances. The use of so-called phytohormones, which occur naturally in soy and hops, has been especially successful. Phytohormones also alleviate menopause disorders, lower the cholesterol level and protect against cardio-vascular diseases and osteoporosis.

Ulrike Jensen especially recommends products by Valmont for the area of regenerative cosmetics. This high quality care product series, which was developed in Switzerland, counteracts skin aging effectively. It is based on scientific insights resulting from intense research work. The active substances are especially natural resources such as glacier water, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) und ribonucleic acid (RNA). The glacier water is taken from the glacier in Valais at an altitude of 2,000 meters. It is used untreated in Valmont products, so that the ideal level of mineral compounds remains the same. The glacier water stimulates the skin's natural defense mechanisms and boosts the cellular metabolism. DNA and RNA provide moisture, have a regenerative effect, and inhibit oxidation. The interaction between all active substances makes skin that has been cared for with Valmont products appear fresh and young.


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