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Smoothening Wrinkles with Botox

We use botulinum toxin to treat facial wrinkles that appear especially through facial expressions. „Botox“ smoothens the frown lines above the root of the nose or worry lines across the forehead. Within limits we can also remove crow's feet at the corners of the eyelids and laugh lines on the bridge of the nose with botox injections.

Botulinum toxin A is the active substance produced by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Today we can manufacture this most toxic substance in nature in the purest form, and we can apply it in a dilution of a trillion to one for the benefit of humans. Botulinum toxin enters the nerve endings, paralyzes the muscle and weakens its ability to contract. „Botox“ decomposes completely within about 4 months, and the muscle's ability to contract is fully restored. If used regularly, the duration of the effect can be increased to up to 12 months without permanent damage to the nerve endings.

Botox Evenings

Have you already heard a lot about how Botox can remove wrinkles, but don't quite dare go and get a treatment? Then maybe a Botox evening is just the thing for you.

During a Botox evening, our reputable doctors will tell you quite openly what measures would suit you well. They then perform an initial Botox treatment. The other guests can watch or spend their time with lounge music, sparkling wine and canapés in the neighboring room or on the roof terrace (smoking allowed) of our Institute.

Are you interested in an exclusive Botox evening together with your girlfriends? Sign up for an evening of your choice.

Would you prefer to come alone? Then you can celebrate your first treatment together with other guests in the relaxed atmosphere of an open Botox evening. 

The cost for participating in a Botox evening is 25 Euro plus treatment costs. For further information and binding registration forms, please contact Sabine Paulien at 0461/14167-0.


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