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Theme evening on 17.9.2015 "Permanent Make-up: exclusive - decorative - informative"

In order to provide interested persons the opportunity to experience up close the application of permanent make-up we have once more arranged one of our popular information evenings on the topic  "Always attractive" in September 2015.

In cooperation with Bettina Pahl and on the premises of  "b I beauty", the expert for permanent make-up Ulrike Jensen, demonstrated and explained to the interested guests what great effects subtle colour changes have: "Each woman's face has its own charm, I just like to highlight these features." And so the cosmetician could present in a live demonstration how natural a sensual lip contour can be, how perfect eyebrows and an irresistible look can be created using artificial eyelid lines.

The guests were impressed by the natural look of the professionally applied permanent make-up and were eager to receive detailed information and advice. The statements made by the models, who had already had experience with pigmenting were especially fascinating and helped to dispel any reservations: "It does prick a bit but that is quite bearable."

Some guests let the cosmetician apply make-up to their faces so that they could see for themselves how PMU could make their own face even more expressive. Ulrike Jensen emphasizes: "I highlight the virtues of my customers very naturally and so lend them a fresh, healthy and stunning appearance."

And so the impressed résumé of the evening was also: "Permanent make-up is the art of highlighting a woman's natural beauty - Ulrike Jensen achieved this superbly."

Photos: Stefanie Kolwe

Special evening event, 9.4.2014 "Introducing Botox & Filler"

Professional advice and personal care – that is important to us.

Many women that have done it swear by it: the anti-wrinkle wonder Botox. Women, who want to do it, are a little scared: Does it hurt? Is it dangerous? It is important to us to provide you with detailed information and maintain direct contact to you. That is one of the reasons we enjoy our information evenings with you!

Our philosophy on wrinkle treatment is based on many years of experience. Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid (by injection) "bolsters" the lines and lends the face a younger and relaxed expression. The effect is very natural and immediately visible. Numerous guests could already experience this for themselves on this evening and were amazed.

Whereas, Botulin Toxin, in short Botox, is a muscle relaxing ingredient that blocks the transmission of impulses from the nerve to the muscle. This means that the muscle can no longer be activated. "Botox is usually used on lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows," explains Dr. Sprengel this evening. "Even lines around the eyes or in the corners of the mouth, as well as those on neck and décolleté disappear after the treatment. Often Botox and filler are combined to achieve an aesthetic result."

The aim of the [Baltic] Ostsee Institute is to combine the newest scientific findings and technical innovations with classical elements, in order to create tailor-made beauty concepts for you personally. From one person to another.

We would like to thank you for visiting us. Please do not hesitate to call us should you have questions afterwards – we shall be glad to answer them. We would also like to extend our thanks to the team at "Royal Service" who made our evening even more of a treat with their refreshing, delicious cocktails.

Photographs of the special evening event "Introducing Botox and Filler" at the Ostsee Institute in Flensburg on 9.4.2014. Wrinkle treatment performed by specialists who have longtime professional experience. Aesthetic wrinkle treatment with the aid of Bot
Further photographs of the special evening event "Introducing Botox and Filler" at the Ostsee Institute for Aesthetic Pastic Surgery in Flensburg on 9.4.2014. Professional consulting, personal care and comprehensive information regarding all questions abo
More photographs of the special evening event "Introducing Botox and Filler" at the Ostsee Institute in Flensburg: Treatment of wrinkles and lines with Botox on the forehead, around the eyes and the mouth, as well as on the neck and the décolleté.

Our free consulting campaign – looking behind the scenes of plastic aesthetic surgery and modern cosmetics

Aesthetic and plastic surgery is based on trust and is a very personal matter. Providing encompassing information about the possibilities of this modern surgery creates trust and constitutes the first step of a personal consultation that addresses your specific needs. The highly qualified team at the Ostsee Institute therefore offers you information evenings around the topics of "beauty, fashion and cosmetics". 

Up to now, the evenings have, for example, provided insights into the various wrinkle correction treatments, the possibility of plastic surgery of the breasts and abdomen or the spectrum of treatments with Botox and hyaluronic acid. Dr. Martin Sprengel and Prof. Dr. med. habil. Ulrich Retzke gave a clear overview of the operating possibilities of plastic aesthetic medicine with many impressive images and at the same time described its limits. The live demonstrations within the area of permanent makeup and wrinkle injections were seen as "very good" and several of the guests said that they lost their "fear of injections".

We enjoyed the hours that we spent with you. We hope that you had a good time and that you came away with sufficient information regarding the topics of "beauty, fashion and cosmetics". Do not hesitate to keep on asking questions about what interests you – we are here for you and look forward to seeing you again, when it's time to beautify.

Your team from the Ostsee Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Flensburg.

Theme day on Feb. 11, 2012 - Off to a vibrant start in the New Year

Fotos zum Thementag vom 11.02.2012 - Mit Schwung ins neue Jahr - Ich bin ganzheitlich gut zu mir
Fotos zum Thementag 11.02.2012 - Mit Schwung ins neue Jahr - Ich bin ganzheitlich gut zu mir

Summer of Design - Networking between Design and Fashion

What do the KATWALK company in Glücksburg, the Ostsee Institute in Flensburg, Jacob Erichsen and Czapla Consulting have in common?

Four businesswomen have decided to design exclusive events for the region that bring together not only their companies, but also other companies in the region. Their success began last year with the Walk of Design. This firework of the senses at the Strandhotel Glücksburg focused on design, beauty and fashion, and it is now being continued. "Summer of Design" was an event with many highlights. Where else can one gain insight into what the Ostsee Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Flensburg really does or see the Montblanc Limited Edition by Jacob Erichsen and at the same time experience high end hifi products from Audio Point Schleswig?

Annette Czapla, a co-initiator, presented her company Consulting for Change Management and Coaching in Flensburg and formulated the goal of the four businesswomen: "We want the events to connect our network ideas with design and a beautiful atmosphere."

And so, the festival of good taste was loaded with attractive offers: cars by Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Nissan, as well as Harleys and bicycles, designer coffee machines and ayurvedic beauty products. But the artistic aspect was also not missing. Susanne Andresen showed her paintings and Silvie Mikkelsen from Glücksburg presented her gorgeous flower arrangements. Or else one put on a hat by the sorceress Walpurga and then found a matching watch at Jürgensens jeweler's shop or glasses at Optik Drews. In the meantime, there was a gorgeous fashion show in the garden of the hotel. Models from KATWALK, the women's boutique from Glücksburg, presented a collection by Julia Starp, the designer from Germany's Next Top Model. The RSH host York Lange presented the event with wit and charm throughout the evening. And since the Flensburg-Handewitt Sports Club is also part of the region, the players Michael Knudsen and Max Lipp joined in on the catwalk. Approximately 500 guests responded to the call from the four successful women, who have proven that the region needs such events. Kathrin Horn, Susanne Kühn, Ulrike Jensen and Annette Czapla feel validated by the entirely positive resonance to the "Summer of Design". They summarized it like this: "In the coming years we will again provide positive input to the region with a creative idea." With all this woman power, the "Summer of ..."definitely has the potential to become a cult event!

Popular: Botox Evenings at the Ostsee Institute

Have you already heard a lot about how Botox can remove wrinkles, but don't quite dare to get a treatment? Then maybe a Botox evening is just the thing for you.

During a Botox evening our reputable doctors will tell you quite openly what measures would suit you well. They then perform an initial Botox treatment. The other guests can watch or spend their time with lounge music, sparkling wine and canapés in the neighboring room or on the roof terrace (smoking allowed) of our Institute.

Are you interested in an exclusive Botox evening together with your girlfriends? Sign up for an evening of your choice.

Would you prefer to come alone? Then you can celebrate your first treatment together with other guests in the relaxed atmosphere of an open Botox evening.

The cost for participating in a Botox evening is 25 Euro plus treatment costs. For further information and binding registration forms, please contact Sabine Paulien at 0461/14167-0.

Exclusive cooperation with Susanne Klebe – holiday flats in Glücksburg

We have entered into cooperation with Susanne Klebe, who offers very beautiful holiday flats in Glücksburg, in the immediate vicinity of the spa promenade and the water.

Information and contact:

Susanne Klebe
Am Thingplatz 2
D-24960 Glücksburg/Ostsee

Telefon 04631/573
E-Mail: sklebe@foni.net
Internet: www.sklebe.de

Werftkontor: We Have Been Working with a View of the Fjord for eleven Years

In 2004 the Ostsee Institute moved into the first Werftkontor building on the east side of the Flensburg Fjord. Here is a summary about the choice of location:

"When we were moving people pitied us, but they were also envious", says Dr. Hans-Werner Klebe, a founding member of the Ostsee Institute for aesthetic plastic surgery. We were pitied by those who could not imagine that the modern residential and business locations in the eastern part of the city would be accepted by long-time residents of Flensburg. We were envied by those who also wanted a gorgeous view of the idyllic home port of the 'Alexandra' steam ship.

"The view is soothing to our patients. They feel that they are in good hands, even if their fear of unusual treatments happens to be great", says the receptionist and medical assistant Sabine Paulien. The customers of the beautician Ulrike Jensen are also thrilled at the maritime atmosphere. And since the word is getting around how pleasant a stay at the Ostsee Institute is, even residents of Hamburg travel to Flensburg for a rejuvenating treatment.

Award for Permanent Makeup

Ulrike Jensen

In the summer of 2008, Ulrike Jensen was the first person from Schleswig-Holstein to receive a valuable award for her expertise in gentle permanent makeup. The treatment provider from the Ostsee Institute is one of only 20 beauticians country-wide, who have qualified for this exclusive treatment method and who may call themselves authorized partners of Ri-soft®Lining.

Thanks to her close cooperation with the doctors of the Ostsee Institute, Ulrike Jensen has become increasingly interested in the possibilities for gentle permanent face and breast beautification. „We treat many patients who are optically disadvantaged due to cancer or an accident. More and more people are suffering from the consequences of ageing. Permanten makeup is an excellent method for giving them a younger and natural look“, explains Jensen. During so-called pigmentation, the experienced beautician introduces allergy-tested, mineral color elements into the uppermost skin layers in the eyebrows, eyelids, lips or nipples.

Jensen chose the Riso Cooperation method, since it had won the Beauty Award for customer satisfaction and service quality in 2006.

DVT: Medical Innovation for the First Time in the North

At the occasion of their 25th year of existence, the Sprengel & Klebe MKG practice gabe themselves an ultramodern digital volume tomograph. With this DVT device, which is the only one north of the canal, it is possible to use clear 3D images to plan implants precisely and perform diagnostics of the entire facial skull. Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fenster[more]


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