Ostsee Institut für ästhetisch-plastische Chirurgie und medizinische Kosmetik Flensburg: Gesicht, Brust, Körper, Arme, Beine


  1. FolderHome Ostsee Institute, clinic for aesthetic plastic surgery, tel. +49 461 14167-0, liposuction, breast surgery, face lift, wrinkle treatment, hair removal
  2. FolderLeistungsspektrum 
    1. FolderInstitute Ostsee Institute Flensburg , specialists for aesthetic plastic surgery and medical cosmetics, tel. +49 (0)461 / 14167-0, with 12 beds in Flensburg hospital
      1. PagePhilosophy Philosophy of the Ostsee (Baltic) Institute of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: beauty, satisfaction and mental balance by harmony of body and soul.
      2. PageDr. Martin Sprengel Dr. med. Martin Sprengel. Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, aesthetic facial surgery, reconstructive surgery, implantology, liposuction.
      3. PageProf. Dr. Ulrich Retzke Prof. Dr. med. habil. Ulrich Retzke, Gynecologist / Specialist for aesthetic plastic surgery in gynecology, Breast surgery, abdominal wall and scar surgery
      4. PageProf. Dr. Dr. Patrick H. Warnke Prof. Dr. Dr. Patrick H. Warnke. Medical specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, plastic operations at the Ostsee Institute in Flensburg.
      5. PageUlrike Jensen, Cosmetics Ulrike Jensen. Beautician at the Ostsee Institute Flensburg. Specialist for permanent makeup, regenerative cosmetics. medical cosmetics, hair removal.
    2. FolderAesthetic Plastic Surgery The service spectrum of the Ostsee Institute includes: facial surgery, wrinkle treatment, dental implants, breast surgery, liposuction, medical cosmetic.
      1. FolderFace and Throat Aesthetic Plastic Surgery: treatment / surgery on the face, neck, chin, mouth, nose, ears, eyelids, lips, teeth, jaws at the Ostsee Institute Flensburg.
        1. FolderWrinkle Treatment Wrinkle treatment at the Ostsee Institute: Subcutaneous Botox injection. Filling of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. Wrinkle prevention and reduction.
          1. PageBotulinum Toxin Botox wrinkle treatment in the Ostsee Institute: on the face, around the eyes, nose, lips, on the forehead (frown lines), the neck. Botox therapy. Facelift.
          2. PageWrinkle Filling Filling of wrinkles with hyaluronic acid: subcutaneous injection treatment remove nasolabial wrinkles and laughter lines around the mouth, nose, on the chin
        2. FolderFacial Rejuvenation Facial rejuvenation of the entire face instead of treating each wrinkle separately. Get a younger face without hindering the facial expression.
          1. PageLower or Full Facelift Facelift in the Ostsee Institute outpatient / inpatient. Aesthetic surgery: forehead lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, chin / nose / ear correction, lips.
          2. PageForehead Lift Forehead lifting / browlift at the Ostsee Institute, smoothing the forehead + tightening of the upper eyelids, treatment of sagging eyes, aesthetic surgery
          3. PagePeeling Fruit acid peeling + trichloroacetic acid peeling: face peeling at the Baltic Institute. Treatment of facial skin for a firmer teint, facial scrub for acne
        3. FolderEyes Tightening eyelids in the Ostsee Institute. Lifting of drooping eyelids. Removing of crow’s feet, tear sac surgery. Specialists aesthetic facial surgery.
          1. PageUpper Eyelid Plastic Eyes: Upper eyelid plastic at the Ostsee Institute Flensburg. Tightening / correction of upper eyelids. Medical specialists for aesthetic plastic surgery.
          2. PageLower Eyelid Plastic Eyes: lower eyelid plastic / lower eyelid correction at the Ostsee Institute Flensburg. Lacrimal sac removal, eyebrow lift. Specialists for facelift.
        4. PageNose Corrections Aesthetic plastic nose correction at the Ostsee Institute. Cosmetic nose surgery, rhinoplasty. Facelift of nose bumps, nostrils + tip of the nose. Nose job.
        5. PageLips Lip correction, lip shaping at the Ostsee Institute Flensburg. Pouting by subcutaneous injections. Giving your lips a beautiful and expressive appearance.
        6. FolderTeeth + Jaw Oral and maxillofacial surgery at the Ostsee Institute Flensburg. OMS / dental surgery and implantology, tooth implants. Upper and lower jaw reconstruction.
          1. PageImplants + Bone Grafting Specialists in dental implantology and bone augmentation / bone grafting with more than 20 years of experience. Dental implants as fixed dental prosthesis.
        7. PageEar Have your protruding ears / sticky-out ears flattened by plastic earlap correction / pinna operation. Plastic ear surgery for children and adults.
      2. FolderBreast Breast surgery in the Ostsee Institut Flensburg Germany: breast enlargement / breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, mail breast / Gynecomastia
        1. PageBreast Enlargement Aesthetic breast augmentation in the Ostsee Institute Flensburg with high quality breast implants. Detailed medical doctor’s advice and material information

Ostsee Institute
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