Ostsee Institut für ästhetisch-plastische Chirurgie und medizinische Kosmetik Flensburg: Gesicht, Brust, Körper, Arme, Beine


The following are our most important partners:

In addition, we use medical cosmetics products from EVA GARDEN by Paolo Gautelli - which are also manufactured by the ROHLOFF Company:

ROHLOFF cosmetics GmbH, Starnberg

Heimgartenstraße 26 • 82319 Starnberg
Tel. 08151 / 74 44 30

Web: www.rohloff-cosmetics.de
E-Mail: kontakt@rohloff-cosmetics.de

Our favorite optician:

Durchblick, Flensburg

Friesische Straße 1 • 24937 Flensburg
Tel. 0461 / 236 24

Web: www.optikdurchblick.de
E-Mail: info(at)durchblick.de

We also value the following providers of oral implants highly:

CAMLOG Biotechologies AG, Wimsheim

Web: www.camlog.de
E-Mail: info.de(at)camlog.com

Our dental implant professionals:

Straumann GmbH, Freiburg

Web: www.straumann.de
E-Mail: info.de(at)straumann.com

The perfect biocosmetics, also for difficult skin:

Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics GmbH, Siegsdorf

Web: www.dr-spiller.de
E-Mail: info(at)dr-spiller.de

The permanent makeup that we recommend:

Riso Cooperation GmbH, Kulmbach

Web: www.riso.de
E-Mail: info(at)riso.de

Our most important partners for breast and face surgery:

Allergan Inamed GmbH, Düsseldorf

Web: www.allerganandinamed.com/germany/


Ostsee Institute
Ballastkai 5
24937 Flensburg

Please call us at:
+49 461 / 14167- 0

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